The European Commission has developed a new portal that will better serve European trading companies, especially when trading with third countries. The portal is called Access2Markets and the official website of the portal is

A Bulgarian language version has been developed which can be found at the following link:

The purpose of creating this portal is to support small businesses in their trade with non-EU countries by making the most of EU trade agreements. The portal provides the following information about the product under trade:

  • tariffs and taxes, fees
  • customs procedures
  • rules of origin
  • barriers to trade
  • product requirements
  • statistics for all EU countries and for more than 120 export markets in the world.

The portal is designed for both inexperienced and experienced users and provides practical information on EU trade agreements, step-by-step guides, tutorials, video recommendations for successful SMEs that trade worldwide. It also has a tool for understanding and applying the rules of origin (ROSA), which filters and explains the rules and offers a personalized checklist. The information is available in all official EU languages.

At its core, the Access2Markets portal is a comprehensive one-stop shop designed to make it easier for smaller companies. It provides businesses with personalized information about the terms of trade in a particular product – subject to export or import.

You can find a general idea of ​​the main features of the portal in the video presentation

An online training for working with the Access2Markets portal, organized by the European Commission, is planned for February, and will be announced later.