The “Mindthe..Data” project, led by Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, received the award for quality performance, at the annual valorization conference organized by the Human Resources Development Центер (HRDC), which was held at the Balkan Hotel, Sofia, on 09.12.2022.

More than 120 participants took part in the event, including the executive director of the HRDC, Mihail Balabanov, Mrs. Nadia Mladenova – Deputy Minister of Education and Deputy Minister of Sports Petar Buchkov.

At the end of each calendar year, the Human Resources Development Center, in its role as the National Agency for the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programs, reviews the projects implemented in Bulgaria under the two Programs. After valorization of the projects completed in 2022 under the “Erasmus+” and “European Solidarity Corps” programs, the “mindtheDATA – Creating a data protection culture among SMEs” project received a high rating and it was awarded with Sign of Quality ( Good Practice).

Co-financed by the European Union, under the Erasmus + program, the mindtheDATA project combined the expertise of five European Union countries, through 7 organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Poland and Cyprus, resulting in a high-quality approach and interaction, as well as innovative training tools for small and medium enterprises. The project promotes the idea of businesses acting in a way that being GDPR compliant for the companies (General Data Protection Regulation), should be seen as an opportunity to drive their business towards innovation and differentiation, rather than just seeing it as obligation.

The most significant product from the realization of the project is a training platform. The purpose of the training platform is to provide business consultants and companies with well-documented knowledge of the various aspects of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which in turn they can directly use in the support they provide to companies , to make them GDPR compliant, and more importantly, to understand the benefits of creating a privacy culture within the company! The training material is presented in 3 modules, which are available in English, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish and Spanish. The modules include both theoretical and practical content.

The training platform for business consultants and companies – Mindthedata– can be found here –