Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry /YCCI/ is an organization of entrepreneurs in the Yambol region, established in 1993. It is an independent, regional structure of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The mission of the Chamber is to promote the development of a favorable economic environment for business development and to facilitate various business activities. The Chamber supports, promotes, represents and protects the economic interests of its members, provides them with various services, promotes European and international integration at regional level . YCCI has a key role in defining regional policy in the field of economy, education and trade.

Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry is based on the principles of voluntary membership and it is autonomy and self-financing organisation. YCCI works closely with representatives of the local authorities and other NGOs, as well as other organisations and chambers of commerce abroad. YCCI has established regional offices in the towns of Elhovo, Bolyarovo, Straldzha and Tundzha municipality, uniting over 1000 business entities on the territory of Yambol region, regardless of the form of ownership.

As a nationally represented employers’ organization, Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry regularly surveys the opinions of companies in the region on the regulations in Bulgaria and the policies of the European Union, through its and partner structures and through its participation in various forums proposes changes to improve legislation economic development.

Yambol CCI is part of the unified system of Bulgarian chambers of commerce and industry, which unites 28 employers’ associations throughout the country and over 60,000 companies. More information about the system can be found HERE.