In the period 19-21.03.2021, in the town of Yambol (Bulgaria), the final international conference under the project “TRIP ” was held, the main purpose of which is to promote the sustainable use of historical and cultural heritage and resources in the field of religions in the cross-border region Yambol, Bulgaria – Suloglu, Turkey.

Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as a project partner from Bulgaria, hosted and organized the final international event, and the organization from Suloglu, Turkey, which is the leading project partner – Suloglu District Governorship, joined the project activity with a delegation of 30 representatives from Turkey, working in the field of protection of cultural and historical heritage, in the field of religions, from the region of Suloglu-Edirne (Turkey) – representatives of public institutions, cultural and spiritual organizations, representatives from the cross-border region, interested and working on the project topic.

The project event was a three-day event entitled “OPINIONS AND IDEAS TO PROMOTE THE SUSTAINABLE USE OF HISTORICAL HERITAGE AND RESOURCES IN THE FIELD OF RELIGIONS”. On the first day of the event, there were presented, in front of the Turkish delegation, the videos and a series of photographs, elaborated under the project, presenting the most interesting religious sites, customs and traditions from Yambol, Bulgaria and Suloglu-Edirne, Turkey, part of the historical and cultural heritage and resources, in the field of religions, in the cross-border region. Photos and videos are also available on the project website.

The second day of the visit included a seminar part and exchange of good practices, between representatives from Turkey and representatives from Bulgaria. The historical and cultural heritage and resources, in the field of religions in the cross-border region of Yambol, Bulgaria and opportunities for their development in the field of tourism were presented. The seminar was attended by 30 representatives from Yambol, Bulgaria – interested in religious and cultural heritage and its attractive presentation to foreign visitors to the region. The seminar ended with a discussion, which ranked the top 5 most interesting sites related to religion, from the point of view of tourists,  from the region of Yambol, Bulgaria and Suloglu-Edirne, Turkey. The participants in the conference also discussed recommendations and proposals arising from their work on the project and which will be provided to state institutions, local authorities, religious institutions, NGOs and tour operators, interested in the state of historical and cultural heritage in the field of religions.

The afternoon of the second day, as well as the third day of the program of the event, continued with organized visits, for the representatives of the Turkish delegation, to several sites, examples of the invaluable wealth of religions, from the region of Yambol, Bulgaria – visit to Armenian Orthodox Church, Interactive Museum “Bezisten” – an exhibition of old icons, art gallery “George Papazov” – an exhibition of icons and Kabile Monastery “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin”, Tundzha Municipality, Yambol. The combination of the organized visits proves the diversity of the religious and cultural heritage of the cross-border region of Yambol.

The event provoked the interest of a large group of people and the general public about the importance of cultural and religious heritage and its place in tourism.

The implementation of the project, within 15 months, strengthened the interest in this type of tourism. The project included in its implementation, various representatives of the cross-border region, all confirming thr great importance of this kind of tourism and their desire, “religious tourism” in the region to have its place in the tourism industry.

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