In the period  31.10-01.11.2020, there have been implemented the first international event under the project TRIP, which main aim was to establish a network including representatives from Bulgaria and Turkey, who will work together voluntarily, supporting the promotion of cultural heritage in the field of religions , in the cross-border region Yambol-Suloglu.

The leading partner in the project – TRIP, Suloglu District Governorship, Turkey, hosted and organized the event, and the Bulgarian organization, which is a project partner – Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, joined the project activity with a delegation of 30 Bulgarian representatives working in the field of protection of cultural and historical heritage in the field of religions, from the region of Yambol (Bulgaria), representatives of public institutions, cultural and spiritual organizations, representatives of the cross-border region, interested and working on the topic of the project.

The first day of the two-day visit was a seminar and exchange of good practices “Religions in the cross-border region from Adam and Eve to the present day” – presenting the historical and cultural heritage and resources in the field of religions in the Suloglu-Edirne cross-border region, Turkey. More than 30 representatives from Turkey, interested in the religious cultural heritage and its attractive presentation to foreign visitors to the region, also took part in the seminar.

The day ended with the official signing of a framework agreement for cooperation between representatives of Bulgaria and Turkey – representatives of local authorities, clergy, photographers, journalists, who reaffirmed their desire to work together and exchange experiences to promote cultural heritage in the field of religions in the relevant country in front of foreign tourists, in order to provoke their interest.

The second day of the international activity continued with an organized visit of the representatives of the Bulgarian delegation to several sites, examples of the invaluable wealth of religions in the region of Suloglu-Edirne – two mosques, a Bulgarian church and a synagogue. The combination of the organized visits proves the diversity of the religious and cultural heritage of the cross-border region.

The first event of the project provoked the interest of a large group of people and the general public about the importance of cultural and religious heritage and its place in the tourism sector. The project envisages more international events, which will again provide an opportunity for discussions and proposals in this area. More information about the dates and how they will be conducted can be found on the project website –