The services offer translations from Bulgarian into a foreign language and from a foreign language into Bulgarian of documents of individuals and legal entities. The languages ​​of / from which are translated are more than 20. Written and oral translations are offered. Written translations are available on paper or electronically.

BCCI – CPOPKFO has signed a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalized translations. There are more than 100 approved translators. A team of professionals has been set up to work confidentiality. High quality translations are provided in various fields – economics, law, technology, medicine, etc.

When providing translation services, comprehensive customer service are offered. All types of preliminary certifications of private and company documents are performed; translation; legalization in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ready documents are returned in person or by mail, incl. electronic, in the country or  abroad, according to the customer’s wishes.

Clients are offered consultation and preparation of commercial documents, translation, legalization and certification in the Consular Departments of foreign missions in the country.

Please contact us for more information and prices.