Project Description

Project name: Information Center Europe Direct – Yambol


Duration: 36 months (2009-2012)

The project is funded on the initiative of the Directorate General for Communications of the European Commission

The EUROPE DIRECT network is one of the European Commission’s main tools for providing information to citizens at local level and for feedback to the European institutions.

The main goal of the project: raising awareness of local communities, society as a whole and its individual elements – citizens, civil society structures, youth, schools and others, about the European Union, its institutions and policies and their impact on people’s daily lives.


Specific objectives:

  • to build a European public space, in several settlements in the region, to function as “meeting places” for citizens, non-governmental organizations, politicians and the media;
  • to improve the provision of information, documentation and knowledge about the European Union and its institutions, among the general public of the local and regional communities of Yambol region;
  • to provide information and consultations to citizens and institutions on the specific communication priorities of the European Commission for 2009;
  • to provide individual and targeted consultation of citizens on issues important to them;
  • to provoke an active position of European citizens and to serve as a mediator for citizen feedback with the EC;
  • to achieve a synergy effect by consolidating in one organization the flows of information from and to the Commission to all entities – citizens, young people, students – the Europe Direct network, and business, small and medium-sized enterprises and business organizations – the Enterprise Europe Network.