Project Description


Program: IPA Bulgaria-Turkey Cross-Border Cooperation Program (CCI No: 2007CB16IPO008)


Lead Partner: Euroclub Women, Bulgaria

Partner from Bulgaria: Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria

Partner from Turkey: Edirne Chamber of Commerce, Turkey

Duration: 12 months (2011-2012)

The main goal of the project: to overcome the specific problems of women in the cross-border region Yambol-Edirne in the field of life, culture, traditions, upbringing of children and families, business, living conditions, gender equality imposed as a result of relative isolation within of national traditions and social life in both countries, through wide mutual acquaintance and active information exchange


The specific objectives aimed at:

  • to analyze the role and place of women from the regions of Yambol and Edirne in the family, society and work;
  • to create a sustainable mechanism for the exchange of experience and good practices in the field of culture, science, crafts and entrepreneurship between women on both sides of the border;
  • to improve the access to information related to the traditions, culture and everyday life of women from the cross-border regions of Bulgaria and Turkey in the aspect of promoting the common European values;
  • to develop specific skills in women from the cross-border region to build partnerships in the context of globalization and European enlargement;