Project name: Business Partnership Forum – Bulgaria – Turkey (BG2003 / 005-632.02.01-01)



Leading organization: Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Partners from Turkey: Edirne and Kirklareli Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Partner from Bulgaria: Agency for Regional Development and Investments – Yambol and Industrial Business Association – Yambol

Duration: 12 months (2005 -2006)

The main goal of the project: to support and accelerate the processes of integration of the border regions of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Turkey in the EU, cross-border cooperation and stability, through direct citizenship and citizenship on European integration.

The project aims to examine the state, course, needs, risks and future development of socio-economic and social issues and problems in Bulgaria and Turkey and in particular in the cross-border region of neighboring areas – Yambol, Edirne and Kirklareli, which coincide with a separate cross-border geographical region.