Project name: INOVATRANS – innovative transfer between people and companies

Program: Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program / CCI No: 2007CB16IPO008 /


Lead Partner: Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria

Partner from Turkey: Trading Exchange – Babaeski, Republic of Turkey

Duration: 12 months (2011-2012)

The main goal of the project: to achieve active innovation transfer between people and enterprises for economic and social prosperity in the cross-border region based on in-depth study and assessment of the state of innovation potential and development of a strategy for development of innovation priorities and activities to support small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and research and training units to develop their common cross-border innovation capacity, to improve their competitiveness on the European market, to apply and develop know-how allowing a higher standard of living.


The specific objectives aimed at:

  • study of the potential, technological level, priorities and future policy for innovative development of scientific institutions and SMEs;
  • providing conditions for cross-border transfer of innovation and knowledge;
  • creation of effective tools for exchange of information between SMEs and business organizations in the field of new technologies, innovations, know-how;
  • improving the awareness of SMEs about the opportunities for transfer and implementation of innovations and new technologies;
  • creating added value in the innovation sector through the development of human resources and the region.