Program: Civil Society Development 2002, Ministry of Finance


Project partners:

Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Industrial Business Association – Yambol

Associated partners: Yambol Municipality, Toundzha Municipality, Straldzha Municipality, Elhovo Municipality and Bolyarovo Municipality, RS of Podkrepa Labor Confederation, RCC of CITUB

Duration: 15 months (2004-2006)

Project goals:

  • to build and establish a functioning public framework to guide behavior in the private and public sectors
  • Stable functioning structure of the social dialogue in Yambol region.
  • Strengthened and effectively working five councils for tripartite cooperation / in the municipalities of Yambol, Tundzha, Elhovo, Straldzha and Bolyarovo /,
  • To ensure the conditions for full implementation of the Bulgarian and European legislation related to social dialogue.

The specific goal of the project is to prepare the participants in the tripartite cooperation bodies, to provide the necessary material conditions for their work and to form a positive public attitude towards the role and functions of the social dialogue bodies. The aim of the project is also, in the institutional framework of social dialogue in the region, to include civil society organizations and associations, as a guarantor for informing and consulting the public, as well as encouraging citizen participation in socio-economic processes to achieve social consensus. a wide range of problems.